Reconnect With the Goodness
In Your Life through Coaching,
Yoga, music and Meditation.

Hello, I’m Kamla sufi, your Coach.

I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT helping PEOPLE make their dreams a reality.

I’d love to work with you and hear about your hopes and dreams so that we can explore all the definite possibilities of making them reality. If you could slide fear, old habits, limiting beliefs and negative patterns even just a little out of the way, you will move towards the sunlight. You will build trust for yourself and smile so much more. It’s truly my life’s purpose to help others bring joy and peace into your life.

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Family & Individual Coaching

What do you really wish for? How can you get there? Family and Life Coaching leads you right to this junction while creating better physical and emotional health. Bring joy to every day.

Open Floor Dance

With Open Floor there are no steps to learn. We move with music all of genres and tempos practicing somatic resources of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body.

Yoga & Meditation

A practice for every body, full of luxurious moments of silence, guiding you towards more strength and flexibility. Reconnect to your body, breath and spirit on your own and with others.


I am grateful to have Kamla in our community!

Kamla is an inspirational leader and motivational speaker who helps teens and parents navigate the challenging years. She speaks from her heart and has a natural gift of engaging her audience to be in the present moment. She is passionate in her work.
Cathy Wang, MD – California, USA

Kamla offers herself with so much love.

She is open, accepting, honest, and ready to welcome you into her heart. Kamla treats problems as opportunities to learn and provides true guidance and coping skills to get to the best possible outcome. She is professional, intelligent, assertive, and supportive.”
Tana Moon, Bordeaux, France
Learn & Live More

Workshops and Retreats

If you and your friends or family are longing to learn and live more fully contact me to set up a workshop or retreat and let’s dive in!

  • Enjoy Yoga
  • Good Food
  • Life Coaching, dancing, community
  • …and more!

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