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My name is Kamla. In Punjabi, the spelling of my name has no vowels until the end “kmla” so it’s pronounced “come”la, which means Water Lotus. This flower grows up and out of the muddiest waters to bloom in full sunlight. My mum did well naming me because the water lotus became the international symbol for yoga.

In 1995, I earned my Master’s Degree in Education. I started working with children/teens and families in the public school setting and now, I specialize in working with parents/guardians with all ages of children who need support with a wide range of behavioral, social and emotional issues. It is my goal to create a safe, supportive, creative and kind space for everyone.

Once our sessions are complete, you all will have gained resources to enjoy family life once again.

I can help with: anxiety, coping skills, divorce and moving forward, decision-making, direction, life transitions, organization, peer relationships, self-esteem, spirituality/connection and stress.

Dear Curious One…

Here are some facts about me:

*Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership 1995 *Principal/Vice Principal *Single Parent *Adoption *French Speaking *World traveler *Yoga studio owner *Yoga Certified E-RYT 200 *Marketing award winner *Martha Beck Life Coach *DJ *Nature Photographer *Open Floor International Teacher *Stanford University Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certified *Coaching clients ages 8-72 from around the world *Mindful Book Club Leader *Meditation Teacher *Presenter/Speaker

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