Family and Individual
WEllness Coaching

Family coaching

I provide useful daily tools:

  • I teach children to reconnect with the inner self, their wisest voice. This is the voice they know they should listen to but are choosing not to.
  • I help kids unfold their precious dreams and move them steadily away from fear.
  • I teach them relaxation and focusing skills.
  • I help teens/young adults believe in themselves (in their inherent capacities and capabilities).
  • I help make transitions easier (whether from school to school, childhood to maturity, house to house in divorce situations, old friends to new ones). 
  • I guide parents and guardians to hold boundaries while creating loving environments.

A path towards knowing yourself better.

Individual Success Coaching

During coaching, you will:

  • Clarify where you are stuck in fear, old stories or patterns.
  • Learn how to cope with your own personal stress through empowering and compassionate techniques.
  • Create new ways to approach your day.
  • Learn how to believe in yourself, be courageous and accepting.
  • Reconnect to the goodness of your life.
  • Feel more fulfillment, ease and joy.
  • Smile more often.

Kamla was Featured in this Article
“THe Power of Morning Rituals”

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