Individual Coaching

As your Coach, I will help you:

    • Clarify where you might be stuck in fear, old stories or patterns.
    • Learn how to cope with your own personal stress through empowering and compassionate techniques.
    • Create new ways to approach your day.
    • Truly learn how to believe in yourself, be courageous and accepting of your self.
    • Reconnect to the goodness of your life.
    • Feel more fulfillment, ease and joy.
    • Have you smiling more often.

Family Coaching

I provide you and your child with useful tools to use today:

    • I teach children to reconnect with the inner self, their wisest voice. This is the voice they know they should listen to but are choosing not to.
    • I help kids unfold their precious dreams and move them steadily away from fear.
    • I teach them relaxation and focusing skills.
    • I help teens/young adults believe in themselves (in their inherent capacities and capabilities).
    • I help make transitions easier (whether from school to school, childhood to maturity, house to house in divorce situations, old friends to new ones). 

I also teach the necessities: time management, organizational skills, goal setting, evaluating priorities, social skills, self-awareness and how to reconnect the family.

I coach you the parent/guardian through parenting choices and decisions.

I incorporate talk, visualizations, yoga, guided meditation, art, dance, collaging, vision boards painting, music, breathing, journaling and mantra creations.


How do you start

Click here to contact me and let’s chat. Then we can set up times to meet regularly. I coach at my office and around the world via Skype/Moodle/Facetime. Clients pay for single sessions ($108US for 50 minutes) or for 3 sessions of 50 minutes ($320US). Payments are received prior to our meeting via Paypal/Zelle.


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