Open Floor Dance

What is Open Floor?

” … a lively meditation practice that builds muscular and emotional intelligence. It is a dance floor discovery zone where we move and include: good days and tough ones … There are no steps to learn and no way to do it wrong.” ~ Open Floor International

When is class? Where is it? How much does it cost?

Pop up dances happen all around the Bay Area and all over the world.

Who practices conscious dance?

Every body: all ages, body types, abilities and mobilities are welcome. People who are looking for connection, awareness, meditation, freedom, expression, exploration, resonance, sweat and fun.

What do I need to do before class?

1. Bring water.
2. Wear comfortable clothing: stretchy or loose fitting.
3. Remove your shoes and socks. If you need foot support, wear dance shoes or shoes that are for indoor use only that do not squeak or stick to the floor.
4. Once you are on the dance floor, there is no talking.
5. Be accepting of your self and others.

Can you give me some tips?

1. Go at your own pace.
2. Be responsible for your own body (stay aware of your injuries and limitations).
3. Keep your eyes open as much as possible. Stay aware of others moving around you.
4. Move how you choose and be inspired by others.
5. Enjoy yourself.


That’s right! This is an amazing space to experience absolute freedom of your body’s ability to move, however big or small that may be for you. You are experimenting with movement and breath, with rhythms and feelings that the music can stir up for you. Music connects us to the emotional body and can guide you on how to move through your very own dance.

Because this is self-paced, you can work up the biggest sweat and let your lungs burn OR you can rest in the music OR you can do both. You will absolutely see everything happening. Some people will be using the chairs, floor or walls for support, others will be moving around the room. There is acceptance for everyone on the open floor. You are encouraged to move as much as feels good to you. Similar to any practice, after a while of coming to class, your mind will relax and the body will move without any thought or judgement. We go from being self-conscious to simply being conscious of self. There are chairs and spots to rest and even if you are using them, you will be engaged: finger and toe tapping are encouraged as is holding space for others by still engaging with the energy in the room. Conscious dance is a time for being in the now, in this space and with the people on the floor.

Every tempo, genre, some known, some not … It’s an amazing array of sounds and rhythms. I also love to use silence as a means to listen deeply and to be honest about how your body truly wants to move.

Yes, this was my feeling too in my very first classes. Isn’t that how we all feel when we are beginning any activity with others? All the “What if I …??!!” So I will offer this: Like any meditation, when you have constant chitter chatter of the brain or the active monkey-mind jumping from one negative thought to the next, keep coming to your breath AND in mindful movement we add, keep coming to your feet. Ground your self and simply walk the room. Soon, you will drop out of your busy head; your breath will ease into the movement. You’ll be carried and held by the music. Put all your thoughts and feelings into your movement. Music will move you and you will be moved by the music.

I have had local gym/class memberships over the years. I teach/take yoga classes. Still what I have found for me is: I come back to the classes that get my heartbeat going and that lift my Spirit. I continue with classes that make me stronger, classes where I have fun and classes where I can connect with others. In my Open Floor classes, I’m free to move any way I want – not as the teacher is telling me – but how I can that day, in that moment. I have not been to any other group class that offers me this freedom.

That is so not true!! 🙂 If you breathe – you have rhythm!! Your heartbeat is the most beautiful rhythm!! Just like your voice, your eyes and your fingerprint, or the way you walk or sing, you have your own rhythm and way of moving. We don’t need to look any particular way when we move on the open floor. It is all accepting, very much like a yoga mat should be. You simply keep moving and slowly more and more will unfold. This I know for sure.

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