Open Floor Online Dance

Kamla Sufi teaches the art of conscious movement aiding in creativity, well-being and healing.

First Saturday of the Month | $15

1-2:15 PST

4pm EST | 9pm London | 10pm CET | +1 day for 10am NT/8am AEDT


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$15.00 each class

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Benefits of Open Floor Dance

  • Find awareness and connection that can only come from within
  • Express yourself fully through movement that is unique to you
  • Get your heartbeat going and find your spirit

Yoga with Kamla


All levels of yoga knowledge are welcome in every class. Kamla focuses on breath, alignment, building up strength, feeling relaxed and the cultural aspects of yoga as a lifelong practice.

Every Wednesday and Thursday all year | $15
8:30-9:45am PST

11:30am EST | 4:30pm London | 5:30pm CET | +1 day for 5:30am NT/3:30am AEDT


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$15.00 each class

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