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Current Open Floor Workshop

Tears of Joy 2/24/24
2:30 – 5pm at Ashkenaz
1317 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702

Venmo by 2/23 $35
After 2/23 cash/Venmo $40
Venmo @Kamla-Sufi

Optional Thai food dinner not included in the price

“Discovering more joy does not…save us from the inevitability of hardship and heartbreak. In fact, we may cry more easily, but we will laugh more easily too. Perhaps we are just more alive…as we discover more joy, we can face suffering in a way that enables rather than embitters. We have hardship without becoming hard. We have heartbreak without being broken.”  ~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Thru embodiment, movement, dance and self-awareness practices, we will explore where Joy lives in our body. We will focus on Happiness, Joy, Love and Compassion finding their way to being installed in our life as pillars of growth from this point forward.

  • Guided by Kamla Sufi and her vast array of music, we will embark on an exploration of our physicality and its connection to our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We will dive into self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-expression using the universal language of movement and dance.
  • We will gain a deeper understanding of our body’s innate intelligence, enhance our capacity for self-expression, and discover new ways to feel at home within ourself and in the presence of others.
  • Throughout the workshop, we create a safe and inclusive space where participants can authentically connect with their bodies and express themselves through movement. 
  • Regardless of your previous dance experience or physical abilities, this workshop is designed to meet you exactly where you are, supporting you in embracing your unique body and its wisdom.

FINDING HOME Sat Dec 2,2023 
This immersive workshop is about learning to feel more at home in your body off and on the dance floor. Join us as we build reverence and compassion for ourselves in both places. Together we will delve into the profound relationship between our body and our sense of feeling at peace and in joy.

Saturday Dec 9th, 2023       
Embark on a transformative journey to explore the art of navigating life’s decision making, learning to move over the threshold towards what resonates or allowing yourself to gracefully step back.  Join us for a dynamic exchange of self-discovery towards clear “YES” and “NO” off and on the dance floor… a celebration of the limitless possibilities that unfold when we courageously cross the thresholds of our existence with clarity and joy. We will gain a deeper understanding of our body’s innate intelligence to guide us through this upcoming New Year. 


Hawaii, France, Belgium, Scotland, New Zealand, Thailand, California/USA or Canada

This is an invitation to people who long for days of empowerment and self-discovery. Come soak in waters, hike in big nature, practice yoga, embodiment, rest your mind and feel the transformational power the resides within you . Good meals, success coaching, being in community and writing … sunning, laughing, touring, biking, resting and exploring those secret spots that only the locals know about.

Let’s create your group’s retreat!

Personal success Workshops

Learning About: MySelf

This workshop was inspired by my huge concern for our community’s kids. After listening to mom friends talk about the stress their kids were under and its toll on them, I created this two hour workshop to help:
Your middle schooler who is emotionally upset over how to deal with peer issues and conflicts with friends.
Your high schooler who recently took exams which caused physical problems like acid reflux, stomach aches and panic attacks.
Your child when they are in angst, anger, sadness or frustration.

Here’s what they’ll learn:
THEIR personal stress reducers (up to 25 of them!!)
THEIR favorite way to center (endless possibilities!!)
THEIR expression of THEIR best self!
THEIR way to fire up both sides of the brain!

Creating your vision board

The most powerful way to dream: with your eyes open. Don’t lose one more day (year?) not feeling good about where you’re headed.
In this evening, I will hold a sacred space for you to learn about your heart’s desires and how to set your personal power of intention to make your life even richer. I will teach how  to drop into those dreams, how to create an amazing collage of inspiring images that you take home, how to keep the energy around those visions in your day to day life, as well as a follow-up to interpret your visions and help with any hurdles.


Many of us have clear reactions to having, needing, wanting and yearning for money. Our upbringing and current beliefs can make dealing with money very complicated. In this workshop, we all dive into one of Julia Cameron’s books. You will also need a journal and an open-heart for new daily practices.

Listening to your Body Compass

If you can’t hear that big little voice inside you, lets reconnect you with her wisdom so that every day begins and ends with: “Wow. That felt right.” Knowing your own body compass is one of the most powerful tools you can have. I especially love teaching these skills to realign lost middle schoolers/teens.

Fearing Middle School – BUT Here We Come!

OMG. Transitions. New friends. More teachers. Less supervision. Puberty. Real life learning. Let’s plan together the chats to have with your pre-teen before school starts. Let’s ease their anxiety while lessening yours. You mom, set the tone. If you are ok, your child will be confident and ready too. We reconnect as a group in the first trimester, and once again in the third.

After School Offerings

If your student is enrolled at our local elementary, I teach a Life & Study Skills for 4th and 5th graders. I hope to offer yoga, “My Parent & Me” partner yoga, as well as a transition class for 5th graders entering into the middle school where I used to be an administrator.
You can go to the PEP website to see my offerings.

Know Your Dosha: My WHAT? Exactly!

Learn how to be your own healer. Tap into your abilities to choose the right food combos, the most natural sleeping routines and other effortless daily practices. Easy education for this century’s women, from the sages of over 5,000 years ago. If you enjoy yoga, you’ll enjoy knowing your dosha. All those foods that bother you, the moods you get into when things go awry, old habits of being, well, these are all imbalances to your dosha. Dosha: three natural states for everyone’s constitution. My clients have changed everything from allergic reactions, lessened mood swings, gained energy, clarity and shining eyes.

In this workshop, you will learn which is your dosha, and then how to get to that balanced state every day. (No diets, no odd grocery lists, no crazy exercises.) Healing can be effortless when you come from your Center. You will leave with your own personal guide. There are always so many “Aha!” moments in this evening!.

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